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Roman Shades

Roman Shades feature streamlined elegance with smooth, easy shade operation. When your windows need a clean, contemporary shade, roman shades are the ideal accent. Roman shades are available in corded, cordless and motorized operation, and have the versatility of bottom up top down operation with corded control.

Additional Product Details

Classic Flat Roman Shades


Roman shades come in a few different styles. Classic flat roman shades have a flat face with visible seems as the separates the fabric into even folds as it is raised and lowered.


Seamless Roman Shades

The seamless style of Roman shades offers a nice clean flat panel without the set in seams of each sectional fold of fabric. This style fits well into a modern style that still wants roman fabric shades.


Looped Roman Shades

Looped Roman style, shown here is more of a traditional style of roman shade. When the shade is down the fabric holds its looped shaped.

Relaxed Roman Shades


The relaxed roman style adds a touch of additional design to the seamless roman shade. Rather then the bottom of the shade having straight hem, the fabric has a natural hang with a more relaxed look.

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