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Louvered Roof Pergola

Alba is a louvered pergola fitted with aluminum blades that can rotate up to 150° using a wireless control to adjust light, ventilation, and protection from the elements.

Motorized Rotating Upper Blades

Upper blades on the pergola are adjusted though wireless control witht the touch of a button.  With a range of 150 degrees they can be adjusted to allow for the perfect amout of sun, shade, rain and even snow protection. 

Integrated LED Lights

This louvered roof system can come with integrated LED lights to enchance the space that it covers.  Providing a well lit area and luxurious atmosphere for your outdoor living space. The LED lights are conveniently operated off of the same remote the upper pergola blades are adjusted with.  

Water Draining Design

When the blades are completely closed, the opper roof system collects and drains the water though a gutter systems and then down through the inner sections of pillars.  Blades are covex and channel the water into the sides gutters even when they are opened after a rainstorm.  

Powder Coated Frame Colors

The Louvered Roof sytem by CorradUSA comes avaible with these powdered coated frame colors.  If no of these colors match the design you want, any custom RAL color can also be used at an addtional costs. 

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