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The Frame

A retractable overhead shade with Zipper rails Frame is a shade awning that blends with outdoor architecture in revolutionary ways. With shading fabric that traverses horizontally on rails rather than retracting arms, it is adaptable to countless outdoor living applications. This shading system is simple to use and yet so technologically advanced that it is one of the most functional innovations for outdoor shading available today.

Retractable Awning Frame

Frame is a horizontal shade that functions with tensioned tracks instead of retracting arms, creating a smooth functional element and an architectural form that brings your outdoor space together. It is bold, efficient, and very adaptable giving shade to patios, terraces and windows. Frame makes your outdoor space a true award-winning masterpiece.

Tensioned Cover with Zipper Edges

Frame is the new trailblazer for tensioned covers. Its tensioning system with gas pistons and the high strength drive belt, along with the optional side ShyZip system and full cassette, make Frame the missing piece that completes an outdoor living space.

Front Supporting Structure

Frame Stand's front supporting structure uses a 2-pillar structure to support a wall-mounted Frame horizontal shade. The Frame functions with the same ShyZip tension options and adaptability for giving shade to patios, terraces and all luxury outdoor living spaces.

Motorized Operation

This retractable tensioned awning comes equipped with a torque sensing motor. That adjusts and adapts to provide smooth motorized operation from the touch of a button.

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