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Commercial Shade Enclosures

We offer the highest quality retractable shade enclosures in the industry. They  are designed to enhance your outdoor commercial space, protecting it from the sun, wind and snow, making it more comfortable and usable year around. 


Exceptional Quality

Extend your commercial outdoor space

Great for retaurants outdoor dining areas, hotels, resorts, bars and much much more

Keep the bugs out

Keep the pests and insects out while you and your guest enjoy your outdoor living space

Year Around Comfort

The enclosure is designed for year around use. Keeping your space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 

Protection from the elements

Block wind rain and debris from making your space unconforatble

Block harmful UV rays

Shades keep your space cool and comfy while blocking the harmful sun rays

Privacy with View

Enclosure  can provide a nice balance of privacy while not blocking out the total view 

Additional Product Details

Earn More - Enjoy More


Maximizing your outdoor commercial space with a retractable shade enclosure will increase your outdoor usable space, enhance your guests experince and boost your revenue!  


True Wind Protection

Our retractable screen and clear vinyl enclosures provide great wind and weather protection. With enviromental limitations our systems are designed to withstand winds up to 75mph. This system is the best in the industry, there is no comparison!


Premium Outdoor Fabrics

The commerical shade enclosures are made from some of the best and strongest outdoor fabrics in the industry.  With fabrics made by Twitchell, there is a fabric style and color for every application, even fabrics ballistcally engineered to withstand hurricane-strength winds.  

Patented MagnaTrack system


The exterior shade system made by Progressive screens uses the patented magnatrack system that creates the world's best performing exterior motorized screen. 

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