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Infinity Canopy

The patented Infinity Canopy is the most dynamic and versatile manual retractable shade canopy in the world! Its modular design allows it to adapt to any space, configured in one or multiple colors and changed within minutes to create new designs and patterns.

Slide On Wire Design

Infinity Canopy's are a manual retractable shade cover, made up of multiple panels of shade fabric that slide on a wire to open or close.

Stand alone or with Structure

We can incorporate the Infinity canopy shade with an existing structure or we can work with you to create one. Wood or metal we can design a project to fit your needs.

Custom Steel Framework

The Infinity Canopy can put a lot of pressure and strain on its supporting system. We can work with you to design a steel frame that will fit your space and properly support the shades that will be used with it.

Drop Down Shades

Drop down sun shades can also be incorporated into new and existing structures. These are a great add on to control the sun when it drops lower in the sky.

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