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Cellular Shades

Cellular window shades are some of the highest energy efficient window treatments out there. Creating pockets of air that act as a great insulator year around. These blinds are great for area’s like Durango and Erie, with cold winters and hot summers.  They are easy to customize and have many fabric colors, designs and control options. These blinds can be fully motorized with smartphone control or incorporated into full home automation

Additional Product Details

Sliding Cellular Shades


These same energy efficient, honey comb fabrics are available as sliding panels. The sliding panels can stack left, right or in the middle. Just grab the cord lock and adjust the sides to the where you want them. These shades are great for larger sliding glass doors and larger sliding windows where you want the function of being able to have the shades open in the same manor as the window.


A Smarter Home - Go Motorized

The Wave of the future is here. We use our smartphone to control just about everything in our lives, so why not our motorized window treatments. Our motorized blinds are now some of most affordable and versatile motorized blinds in the industry. The direct z wave technology allows our motorized blinds to easily connect to smart home hubs without the need of extra interfaces. This makes our smarthome shades more affordable and reliable.


Cordless Operation

As safety and function become more in tune with window coverings, going cordless is a big step. The ease of operation, safety for pets and kids and sight of cords hanging all over the place are not the only reasons to go cordless. Cordless operation on cellular blinds can actually last longer and perform better then string operated shades. The internal cords have less wear and tear on them when compared to standard cord operated blinds.

Bottom Up - Top Down


Just another reason why cellular shades are such a great window treatment. They have the ability to operate like a standard shade and drop the top down. This option gives you real control over both privacy and light. You can adjust the shade to almost any position. You can block light and privacy through the lower part of the window and still allow light and view though the upper part. This is the ultimate control option and is only available in a few different types of blinds.

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