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Retractable Canvas Roof

It is the core retractable cover system made to size for the protection from sun and rain, that can be installed on suitable pre-existing structures. The Impact is composed by a tough water-proof canvas – called Eclissi – which runs on special guides and is supported by aluminum tubes. Installed on all Pergotenda, the Impact can also be used with preexisting pergolas or custom-made structures.

Fully Retractable Roof

The impact is a retractable canvas roof system, that can be used for new or existing pergolas or shade structures. With all kinds of customization, the options are endless for your patio shading projects.

Motorized Operation

The impact roof system is fully motorized. Operated with handheld remote, the aluminum support tubes extend the tough canvas fabric out. Providing shelter from the sun and rain.

Water Management Systems

Corradi's Pergotendas keep all the fine details in mind. Some units have a retractable gutter on the front of the canvas. It will catch the water and direct it into the front posts. Draining the water at the bottom of the post, rather then it just splashing off the front of the unit.

No Pergola, No Problem

If you dont already have a pergola, don't worry. CorradiUSA has full pergola units including the supporting posts and framework. These units can be made out of wood or extruded aluminum. We also have the ability to make custom steel supporting structures for a truly unique design.

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