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Insolroll's oasis 2600 patio shade is a manual operated sun shade that is designed to block the sun's glare, while maintaining your outward view. When this shade is deployed the bottom hem bar is held in place by a bungee hook system.

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Additional Product Details

Manual Operation


The oasis 2600 has a heavy duty exterior grade clutch system that has a stainless steel idler.  This heavy duty idler locks into the idler bracket for a solid shade install.


Bungee Cord System

Insolroll's bungee cord system is simple yet effective.  The cord attaches to D-rings mounted on the hembar and then attached to a point on the wall or deck. The bungee works to keep your shade in place and minimize the movement. 


Solid Exterior Rated Fabrics

All of the fabric options for the oasis 2600 are exterior rated solar screens with a great warranty. There is a wide variety of fabric options with many colors and see through characteristics. 

Chain Color Options


The continuous loop operation has a few different options to pick from.  They also come color coordinated with chain guides.

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