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Shade Sails

We provide an array of fully customized shade sails. Working with top of the line fabricators, we help customers design, fabricate and install sails and shade structures. Bringing together custom posts, hardware and specially designed fabric sails can all be done in one spot.

Shade Sail Design - 3D Models

See your design in a 3D model! This allows for clients to better understand how their shade sail or shade structure will look and feel before seeing the final product.

High Grade Hardware

We use high quality shade sail hardware. Most of the shade sails come with stainless steel hardware and full perimeter wire rope. Some larger projects require larger galvanized hardware.

Truly Custom Sails

All of our shade sails and shade structures are fully custom from design to install. We have the ability to design our sails in all shapes and sizes. Controlling the the arch depth and ability to even curve the shade around corners.

Unique Design Options

Pictured here, we can integrate a kiss spot in the shade sail design. A "kissing spot" is where two separate shades have a connection point between two sides. This helps minimize the space between curves of fabric and creates a nice dynamic look and shade pattern.

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