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Feng Awning

Fully enclosed circle cassette awning Feng is awning that breaks the patterns of the shading industry with its fully enclosed circular cassette. It is a unique design element that can adapt to any architectural context. Thinking outside of the square, the new concept of shade has arrived: the well-rounded, the Feng.

Additional Product Details

Modern Retractable Awning


Customized to size, design and color, the Feng awing will provide top of the line performance and aesthetics. Blending well into new modern style homes.


Fully Enclosed Cassette

With this unique design, when the awning is retracted the enclosed cassette protects the fabric and arms from the sun and weather. It also helps the awning become a design element with fine home building and design.


LED Lighting

The Feng awning also has the ability to have strip led lights. Enhancing the the usability and environment of space under the awning.

Motorized Operation


The Feng awning is fully motorized and operated with the touch of a hand held or wall remote. It also uses a torque sensing motor, which senses and adjusts the torque to provide better function when opening and closing the unit.

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