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No compromise on performance or design the Shan is the Winner of the 2010 Red dot design award. The Shan is the state-of-the-art of all cassette awnings. When it comes to your house or business, you want a cassette awning that works perfectly and that shades without compromising the architectural lines. The Shan is made for just that.

Additional Product Details

Architectural Full Box Cassette


The Shan is a retractable lateral arm awning with a full cassette design. When retracted back into its system it is fully protected and enclosed in its extruded aluminum housing.


Powdered Coated, Extruded Aluminum Design

The Shan architectural box cassette is made with powered coated extruded aluminum. Along with the Urban arm design and torque sensing motor, this unit is made to look amazing and last.


Motorized Operation

The Shan is only available with with a motorized operation. This motor can be controlled via a handheld remote or can be hardwired and used with a wall mounted switch.

Hardware Color Options


The Shan comes powered coated with these 4 colors options. Custom RAL colors are available with additional costs.

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