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Corradi's Leading Cassette system, the summit is adaptable to almost every outdoor shading situation. Can be a manual crank operation or motorized. The unit is completed with either zipper side tracks or cable guide system.

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Additional Product Details

Extruded Aluminum Headbox


The Summit exterior shade comes complete with a protective extruded aluminum headbox.  This headbox houses and protects that shade fabric and roll when the shade is not in use.  Powered coated to match the rest of the hardware, the headboxs creates a design that blends with most home architecture.  


ShyZip Side Tracks

The Summit patio shade fabric is guided and secured by the ShyZip side tracks. The side tracks help keep the fabric secure at any shade position, by holding the welded zipper on the edge of the fabric. This zipper enclosure also allows for full bug protection in areas where bug protection is the main concern.  


Motorized Or Crank Operated

This paito shade can manually operated with a spin crank, or for added convenience on larger shades, you can choose to have it motorized.   

Hardware Colors


This patio shade comes avaible in these standard hardware colors with a textured powder coated finish.  It is also available in custom RAL colors to perfectly match any color requirements.   

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