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Progressive Screens

Progressive Screens, manufacturers and top of the line retractable patio screen that is one of its kind. Their special patented system can withstand winds up to 75 miles per hour without the fabric pulling out of the side tracks. This unique track system allows the shade to be confidently left down in high winds to protect your outdoor living area from the sun, wind and rain. Their defender screens used with Kevlar woven fabric and are rated as a hurricane screen!

Some of our Recent Projects

Additional Product Details

Keder Interlock & Self- Adjusting Sidetracks


MagnaTrack uses a continuous edge low fiction interlock to secure the screen to the inner track ( No Zippers) This combined with anodized aluminum provides effortless deployment of the screen. This track system is also what allows these screen to handle high winds. The free-floating inner track with self-adjust will prevent out of square openings, contraction of the fabric materials and bellowing of the fabric material in windy conditions.


Strongest Connection & Quite Operation

Each inner track magnet has 75 lbs of pulling force per set and an average total of 375lbs of pulling pressure per track. Compared to other companies springs which only only apply 3-5 lbs of pressure. * MagnaTrack has more then 10X the pulling force of any other system in the market.


Heaviest Weight Bar

Progressive Screens patio shades also have the heaviest bottom weight bar in the industry. The Weight of the bottom bar is critical for deploying the screen system since gravity is the main factor of deployment. The bar also has end retention locks that keep the weight bar locked into the side tracks.

Extruded Hood Design


Stylish, durable and engineered to accommodate wide spans without deflection.

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